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Regional Solid Waste Management Plan Update

The Regional District of Mount Waddington is updating its Regional Solid Waste Management Plan. Fill in our Solid Waste Management Questionnaire before February 8th and get a chance to win a $50.00 gift certificate to a North Island retailer or restaurant of your choice.


The RDMW is pleased to announce our new IMAP MAPPING SYSTEM (GIS-Geographic Information System)

Notice of Public Hearing - Bylaw No. 973

A public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, January 21, 2020 regarding RDMW Zoning Bylaw No. 21, Amendment Bylaw No. 973, 2019. For additional information, please click on the "NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING" or the arrow on the right.

To all Residential Recyclers - Do you have questions about where your recycling ends up?

September 30, 2019 - This past weekend, CBC Marketplace aired a story exposing challenges related to plastics recycling in British Columbia. The Regional District of Mount Waddington has heard from concerned residents and would like to address (and celebrate) the outcome of the Marketplace investigation. The RDMW delivers all Printed Paper and Packaging collected from residences (curbside and depots) to Recycle BC who then sends 99% of the plastic it collects to Merlin Plastics in Canada, and as confirmed by CBC Marketplace, Merlin Plastics recycles the materials appropriately. Please click the arrow to the right to read the response from the RDMW Manager of Operations and Recycle BC's response to the Marketplace story and to read about the 1% of densified polystyrene that is shipped to Malaysia and how it is responsibly used. While North Island communities have achieved an enviable low contamination rate (less than 3%) there is room for improvement and the attached document addresses how residents can help reduce the contamination even more.


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