Coal Harbour

PROPERTY ASSESSMENTS $19,724,900 (2016)
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Coal Harbour is the gateway to Quatsino Sound and beyond to the wild West Coast.

Updated: December 30, 2020


Community Specific Information for Coal Harbour & Quatsino

Includes information for staying healthy, where to access the most current official information, mental health and substance abuse services, public transportation, food security, community safety and accessing financial assistance

Regional Emergency Plan Contacts for Coal Harbour Contact Information Section 4.1


Other Services

Other Services

Fire Protection

Bylaw No. 794 Coal Harbour Fire Department

Coal Harbour Volunteer Fire Department

361 Albert Hole Road, Coal Harbour, BC

Weekly practice:  7:00pm Wednesday - New volunteers welcome!


Solid Waste Collection

2021 Coal Harbour Garbage & Recycling Collection Calendar

Consolidated Bylaw No. 732 Coal Harbour Solid Waste Rates & Amendments Bylaw No. 739

Sewer System

Bylaw No. 168 Coal Harbour Sewer Rates and Regulations Consolidated  (March 2019)

Application to Connect to Coal Harbour Sewer System

A sewage collection and treatment plant is provided for Coal Harbour and Quatsino First Nation.  For emergencies involving the sewer systems please call the Coal Harbour Sewer Technician at 250-230-0404 or the Regional District of Mount Waddington Operations Manager, Patrick Donaghy at 250-956-3301.



In 2021, BC Hydro is planning on converting all existing streetlights that they own from High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights to Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lights. The new lights will use less power and should last longer. The new streetlights will generate a different colour light which will change lighting in your neighbourhood so it is important that you understand the upcoming change and provide guidance as to what you want your street to look like after dark. BC Hydro has created a toolkit regarding LED street lights which can be accessed by the following link: Streetlight Toolkit

As you will see, it explains the different types of lights available and provides images of what the street looks like with the LED lighting. It is strongly advisable that those filling in their community’s questionnaire review the toolkit prior to providing their opinions. It is also hoped that in the near future, the RDMW will be able to show where streetlights have already been converted so that those interested can observe various LED streetlights first hand. This will be dependent upon BC Hydro giving the information to the RDMW. Once the maps have been received from BC Hydro, they will be uploaded for viewing.

Please use the link below to access the Survey Monkey questionnaire that allows you give your input regarding the LED conversion of Coal Harbour’s streetlights. Since the questionnaire refers to the streetlights by their ID#, a series of two images have been created that show streetlight locations with the associated ID# for each light. An overall reference map is available to help find the image that covers the part of Coal Harbour you are interested in. If you have any questions, please email them to info@rdmw.bc.ca

- Survey Link for Coal Harbour Streetlights

- Coal Harbour Streetlight Location Overview Map         - Installed Port Hardy LED Streetlights Map

- Coal Harbour Streetlight Location Map 1                     - Coal Harbour Streetlight Location Map 2    

Bylaw No. 809 Coal Harbour Street Lights

If a streetlight is burned out or for more information about street lighting services, please contact Nadine Weldon at the Regional District Office, at 250-956-3301.

Water System

Bylaw No. 164 Coal Harbour Water Rates and Regulations Consolidated  (March 2019)

Bylaw No. 917 Coal Harbour Local Service Area Water Service

Application to Connect to Coal Harbour Water System

The community water system originates at Quatse Lake and supplies the communities of Coal Harbour and Quatsino First Nation. For emergencies involving the water system please call the Coal Harbour Water Technician at 250-230-0404 or the Regional District of Mount Waddington Operations Manager Patrick Donaghy at 250-956-3161.

Coal Harbour Water System Emergency Response Plan

Coal Harbour Annual Water System Reports

New in Coal Harbour

New in Coal Harbour

Spring 2021 - Coal Harbour Community Newsletter & Planning Article

This year's Newsletter contains important information, including: The COVID-19 Impact on Coal Harbour Services, Emergency Planning, Transit, and Utility Billing.

Also, learn about what is new for the Regional District of Mount Waddington and Coal Harbour this spring:  Updates on the Water and Sewer Systems, Streetlights, Waste Management and Recycling news, and learn more about the Rural Tourism Action Grant program and the Coal Harbour Volunteer Fire Department.

Coal Harbour Newsletter, April 2021

Learn more about land use, planning, & development in Coal Harbour, overview the official community plan and more! 

Coal Harbour Planning Article, April 2018

Coal Harbour Local Community Commission (CHLCC)

Coal Harbour Local Community Commission (CHLCC)

Coal Harbour Local Community Commission

The four Commissioners of the Coal Harbour Local Community Commission are elected every four years to provide advice to Regional District staff, committees and the Board of Directors regarding community services and other matters which affect the community. The Commission meets every 2nd Wednesday of most months at 6:00pm at the Fire Hall at 361 Albert Hole Road and the public is welcome to attend.

Commissioners: Andrew Dennison, Stephanie Puleo, Ann Hory, Ray Patriquin, Andrew Hory (Director-Electoral Area B)


2019 CHLCC Agendas and Minutes

2018 CHLCC Minutes




Coal Harbour Planning Services

Coal Harbour Planning Services

Coal Harbour Planning Information

The community of Coal Harbour is subject to an Official Community Plan Bylaw (Bylaw No. 657, 2002) and a Zoning Bylaw (Bylaw No. 669, 2002). The Official Community Plan includes objectives and policies to guide decisions related to planning and land use management for the community into the future. The Zoning bylaw is intended to implement the objectives and policies of the Official Community Plan and prescribes detailed regulations related to land use, the siting, size and dimensions of buildings, minimum lot size for the purposes of subdivision, etc. Please refer to the following links for more information:


Official Community Plan:

Coal Harbour Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 657, 2002

Coal Harbour Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 657, 2002 - Map No. 1

Zoning Bylaw:

Coal Harbour Zoning Bylaw No. 669, 2002

Coal Harbour Zoning Bylaw No. 669, 2002 - Zone Map No. 1

Building Bylaw:

Approval of a Building Permit is required for the siting of buildings and structures. Please refer to the following links for more information.

Building Bylaw No. 682, 2003 (Consolidated)

Application for Building or Demolition Permit

Owners Acknowledgement of Responsibility Form - Building Permit

Example of Site Plan to Accompany Application for Building or Site Permit

Link to Provincial website for British Columbia Building, Fire and Plumbing Codes: https://www.bcpublications.ca/BCPublications/


With respect to the subdivision of land, the Ministry of Transportation processes and approves applications for this purpose. Information, including a copy of the application required for subdivision, can be found on the Ministry's website at:


Applicants are encouraged to consult with the Regional District as a prelude to making application for subdivision.





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