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Quatsino (also known as Old Quatsino) is an unincorporated community in Electoral Area B located on Quatsino Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  Access to Quatsino is by water only often leaving from the dock in Coal Harbour.

Spring 2018 - Quatsino Planning Article

For highlights on Land Use, Planning, and Development Services in Quatsino, review the April 2018 planning article. Article inclused an overview of the Official Community Plan, Quatsino Zoning Bylaw No 672, 2002, Building and Site Permits, Sanitary Sewage and Water Services, Public Roads & Access, Homeowner Protection Act and more. To read the full article, visit the link below: 

Quatsino Planning Article, April 2018

Notice to Residents of Quatsino!

The Regional District of Mount Waddington is seeking submissions to build a Local Service Provider List for the upcoming Quatsino Recycling Depo/Transfer Station. Interested in this opportunity? Learn more below on how to place your submission.

Recycling Depot/Transfer Station, Notice to Quatsino Residents 


Bylaw No. 957 Community of Quatsino Solid Waste Service Rates and Regulations
Quatsino Cadastral Map Quatsino Civic Address Map
Quatsino Tsunami Hazard Map 1:20,000 Quatsino Regional Emergency Plan

Quatsino Advisory Planning Commission

Quatsino Advisory Planning Commission

The Quatsino Advisory Planning Commission includes up to seven members (currently being amended) that are appointed by the Regional Board to provide advice and recommendations regarding planning issues. The Commission meets as required and the public is welcome to attend.

Commission Members: Kevin Maher, Maurie Maher, Denise Renaud, Josh Solga.

Quatsino Advisory Planning Commission Agendas & Minutes

Quatsino Land Use Planning, Development and Building Information

Quatsino Land Use Planning, Development and Building Information

The community of Quatsino is subject to an Official Community Plan Bylaw (Bylaw No. 656, 2002) and a Zoning Bylaw (Bylaw No. 670, 2002). The Official Community Plan includes objectives and policies to guide decisions related to planning and land use management for the community into the future. The Zoning Bylaw is intended to implement the objectives and policies of the Official Community Plan and prescribes detailed regulations related to land use, the siting, size and dimensions of buildings, minimum lot size for the purposes of subdivision, etc. Please refer to the following links for more information:

Official Community Plan:

Quatsino Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 656, 2002

Map No. 1 of Quatsino Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 656, 2002

Zoning Bylaw: 

Quatsino Zoning Bylaw No. 670, 2002

Zone Map No. 1 of Quatsino Zoning Bylaw No. 670, 2002

While there is no Building Bylaw in effect for the community of Quatsino that requires a Building Permit or Site Permit be applied for and issued for new construction, building construction must meet the requirements of the BC Building Code. As part of the planning for new construction, please ensure that the placement of buildings and structures comply with the regulations of Quatsino Zoning Bylaw No. 670, 2002.

With respect to the subdivision of land, the Ministry of Transportation processes and approves applications for this purpose. Information, including a copy of the application required for subdivision, can be found on the Ministry's website at:


Applicants are encouraged to consult with the Regional District as a prelude to making application for subdivision.

If you have any questions regarding planning, development and building, please contact the Regional District by telephone at 250-956-3301 or by email at info@rdmw.bc.ca

Landslide Terrain & Risk Assessment for Existing Residential Development in West Quatsino

Landslide Terrain & Risk Assessment for Existing Residential Development in West Quatsino

On May 2, 2014, the Regional District of Mount Waddington was notified by Western Forest Products of a potential landslide terrain and evidence of past land slide activity in west Quatsino, an area containing existing residential development. Subsequently, the Regional District requested funding from Emergency Management BC (EMBC) to proceed with further landslide terrain assessment. Michael Cullen Geotechnical (MCG) was retained to complete a terrain stability assessment and qualitative risk assessment to existing buildings along three potential historic landslide routes, Little Creek, Green Creek and Aweisha Creek. On November 5, 2014, RDMW received the final geotechnical report assessing the level of risk that landslide terrain poses to existing development within the vicinity of the three areas in west Quatsino. All three landslides subject to this investigation occurred in November of 1989.

Please click here to review the Landslide Assessment for Community of Quatsino report.



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