Electrical Vehicle Charging Station in Woss



Woss has a "lynchpin" fast Electric Vehicle (EV) unit installed and available to the motoring public just off Highway 19, across and down from the filling station and general store. Please consult the link below for other charging units on major Vancouver Island arterial roads.


Google Streetview below shows the precise location of the charger, which has since been installed onto the green building pictured.  If you use it, please sign the log!


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Woss Services

Woss Services

Woss Services Management Committee


The Woss Services Management Committee provides advice to the Regional District Board regarding local services. The Commission meets on the second Monday of each month at the Community Hall. All are welcome to attend.


Members: Dave Rushton,(Chair), Jeanette Noble, Rona Doucette, Barrie Walker and Noni Nault


Address: Box 5055, Woss, BC V0N 3P0



Fire Protection


Woss Volunteer Fire Department

Box 50001, Woss, BC V0N 3P0

Phone:  250-281-2466


For police, ambulance or fire department EMERGENCIES call 911


Emergency Vehicle Awareness click here


Garbage Collection


Bylaw No. 817 Woss Garbage


Residential garbage collection is provided in Woss on the basis of two cans of garbage per week.


For more information call 4B Enterprises @ 250-956-8240



Sewer System


Bylaw No. 835 Woss Sewer System Rates and Regulations, March 2013


A sewage collection system is in place to serve the community of Woss.


For emergencies involving the sewer system please call the Woss Sewer Technician at 250-281-2223 or the Regional District of Mount Waddington Local Services Department @ 250-956-3301.


Woss Sewer Connection Application


Street Lighting


Bylaw No. 843 Woss Street Light Service Operations Increase, March 2013


If a street light is burned out or for more information about street lighting services, please contact the Regional District Local Services Department at 250-956-3301.


Water System


Bylaw No 847 Woss Water System Rates and Regulations Consolidated

Woss Water Connection Application

Woss is supplied with water from two deep wells located within the community. The following outdoor watering restrictions are normally put in place in during the summer months:


Even-numbered addresses may water on even-numbered calendar dates


Odd-numbered addresses may water on odd-numbered calendar dates


Check community bulletin boards for current information or call the Regional District of Mount Waddington Local Services Department at 250-956-3301

2013 Woss Hamlet Annual Drinking Water Report

2012 Woss Hamlet Annual Drinking Water Report

2011 Woss Hamlet Annual Drinking Water Report

2011 Woss Hamlet Water Sample Report

Woss Hamlet Annual Drinking Water Report 2009



Woss Recreation Association


A Local Service within a portion of Electoral Area "D" was established by the Regional District for the purpose of making a contribution to the costs of operating and maintaining a community recreation service provided by an association of Woss residents.


The Woss Recreation Association looks after the community's swimming pool, community hall and ball field.


For further information on recreation services in Woss, contact Coreen Dick, Events Co-ordinator at 250-281-4276.



Port McNeill Regional Arena


Woss is part of the Regional Arena Local Service which provides facilities for activities such as public skating and professional skating lessons, a skating carnival every two years and men's and ladies hockey tournaments.


For information on services at the Regional Arena, contact Rob Batho at 250-956-3522.



Woss Regional Emergency Plan


Woss Regional Emergency Plan  PDF Format

Woss Land Use Planning, Development and Building Information

Woss Land Use Planning, Development and Building Information

The community of Woss is subject to an Official Community Plan Bylaw (Bylaw No. 555, 1999) and a Land Use Bylaw (Bylaw No. 556, 1999).  The Official Community Plan includes objectives and policies to guide decisions related to planning and land use management for the community into the future. The Land Use Bylaw is intended to implement the objectives and policies of the Official Community Plan and prescribes detailed regulations related to land use, the siting, size and dimensions of buildings, minimum lot size for the purposes of subdivision, etc. Please refer to the following links for more information:


Official Community Plan:


Woss Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 555, 1999

Woss Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 555, Schedule A-1

Land Use Bylaw:


Woss Community Land Use Bylaw No. 556, 1999, Consolidated

Woss Community Land Use Bylaw No. 556, 1999, Schedule A-2



Building Bylaw:


While approval of a Building Permit is not required for new construction, all building must be undertaken in accordance with the BC Building Code.  A Building Bylaw is in effect that requires a Site Permit be applied for and issued prior to undertaking new construction.  The Site Permit process is designed to ensure that new construction conforms to the requirements of Woss Official Community Plan and Land Use Bylaws.  Please refer to the following links for more information:


Building Bylaw No. 682, 2003 (Consolidated)

Application for Site Permit

Example Site Plan to Accompany Application for Site Permit

RDMW Development Procedures Bylaw No. 594, 1999 (Consolidated)




With respect to the subdivision of land, the Ministry of Transportation processes and approves applications for this purpose.  Information, including a copy of the application required for subdivision, can be found on the Ministry's website at:




Applicants are encouraged to consult with the Regional District as a prelude to making application for subdivision.




If you have any questions regarding planning, development and building, please contact the Regional District by telephone at 250-956-3301 or by email at info@rdmw.bc.ca