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Regional Solid Waste Management Plan

Regional Solid Waste Management Plan

The Regional District of Mount Waddington (RDMW) is updating it's Regional Solid Waste Management Plan (RSWMP). A Solid Waste Management Plan is a legally binding document that is now mandated by the province for all regional districts. The RSWMP will be a guiding document that will establish a long-range vision for how we want to manage our solid waste which, in turn, will direct solid waste management activities over the next 10 years.

The process to review the plan will be conducted in three stages. The first stage is an assessment of the current system, which was completed in 2019. A report on the existing system can be access by clicking here.

The second stage is the review of options to address the region's future solid waste management needs and the selection of preferred options.

The final stage will be a community and stakeholder consultation process to obtain input into the selected options.

The process to prepare an updated SWMP began in the fall of 2019 and is expected to be completed by mid-2020.

The first step in the review was to assess all of current solid waste management activities in the region, including those provided by the regional district, municipalities, First Nations and the private sector. The results are provided in Existing Solid Waste Management System Report. This document outlines the implementation status of the previous RSWMP (completed in 1996) and describes the current waste management system in the RDMW. This information is used as the baseline for developing our updated RSWMP.

Stage 2 - Analysis and Evaluation of Waste Management Options (Underway)

During Stage 2, the Advisory Group will receive, review and discuss a series of technical memoranda prepared by the consultants that provide options to address the key issues and opportunities identified in the Existing System Report. The technical memos and advisory committee meeting minutes are provided below: (click on the title of each item to access the full document)

Technical Memos

RSWMP Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Stage 3 - Plan Consultation and Finalization (upcoming)

Stage 3 of the process to update the RSWMP will include the preparation of a draft plan that will be subject to community and stakeholder consultation. There will be many ways to provide input into the draft plan. How you can provide input will be promoted in local newspapers and through social media.

We welcome your input on the draft plan (anticipated in June 2020), and at any time during this planning process. There are many ways to let us know what you think about solid waste management in the RDMW:

  • Send us an email to
  • Write to us at: RSWMP Input, Regional District of Mount Waddington, PO Box 729, 2044 McNeill Road, Port McNeill, BC, V0N 2R0 

  • For the results of the Solid Waste Questionnaire for Residents, please click HERE

  • For the results of the Solid Waste Questionnaire for Management in the Workplace, please click HERE