RDMW Staff


David Kim - Chief Administrative Officer
TBA- Finance Manager
TBA - Economic Development Officer
TBA - Manager of Operations
Emmanuel Okorji - Development Technician
Matt Dyck - Operations Engineer
TBA - Operations Technician
Shayla Burnham - Executive Assistant to CAO and Administrative Support Team Supervisor
Nadine Weldon - Administrative Assistant
Nicole McDowell - Administrative Assistant
Lisa Nicholson - Senior Finance Clerk
Shelley MacEachern - Financial Clerk - Accounts Payable/Payroll
Terry Hooper - Finance Clerk
TBA Financial Clerk - Accounts Receivable
Dean Tait - Parks Supervisor
Karl Digby - 7 Mile Supervisor
Brad Tierney - 7 Mile Labourer
Patsy Spruyt - 7 Mile Scale Clerk
Mitchell Miller - 7 Mile Labourer
Terry Hooper - 7 Mile Labourer
Riley Matson - 7 Mile Labourer
Simon  - 7 Mile Scale Clerk and Labourer
TBA - 7 Mile Scale Clerk 
TBA - Arena Manager
Shana Marshall - Services Coordinator, Chilton Regional Arena
Dave Vanlerberg - Chief Refridgeration Operator, Chilton Regional Arena

RDMW Office: 250-956-3301 or 956-3161
Street Address:  2044 McNeill Road, Port McNeill, BC   V0N 2R0
Mailing Address:  Box 729, Port McNeill, BC   V0N 2R0

7 Mile Scale Office: 250-949-1681
Chilton Regional Arena Office: 250-956-3522
Transit Office: 250-956-3151

Fax: 250-956-3232
Email: info@rdmw.bc.ca




2022 - 2026 RDMW Board

2022 - 2026 RDMW Board

Electoral Directors:

Area "A"- Michelle Pottage - E-mail address: mpottage@rdmw.bc.ca

Area "B"Andrew Hory, Chair - E-mail address: ahory@rdmw.bc.ca

Area "C"- Kathryn Wykes - E-mail address: kwykes@rdmw.bc.ca

Area "D"- David Summers - E-mail address: dsummers@rdmw.bc.ca

Municipal Appointed Directors:

Village of Alert Bay - Dennis Buchanan - E-mail address: dbuchanan@rdmw.bc.ca
Phone: 250-974-5213

Village of Port Alice - Kevin Cameron - E-mail address: kcameron@rdmw.bc.ca
Phone: 250-284-3391

District of Port HardyPat Corbett-Labatt - E-mail address: pcorbett-labatt@rdmw.bc.ca
Phone: 250-949-6665

District of Port Hardy Dennis Dugas - E-mail address: ddugas@rdmw.bc.ca
Phone: 250-949-6665

Town of Port McNeillJames Furney - E-mail address: jfurney@rdmw.bc.ca
Phone: 250-956-3111

First Nations

First Nations

There are many First Nation traditional territories and communities that are within the region, their governments often working in partnership with the RDMW and local municipalities.

For detailed, up-to-date information, it is always recommended that individual First Nation governments, Tribal Councils or Treaty Groups be contacted directly.  The list can be found here.


Note to all First Nation band administrations: If a link is broken or contact details are incorrect, please e-mail info@rdmw.bc.ca immediately.

Name Address Telephone Fax
Musgamagw Tsawataineuk Tribal Council Box 90, Alert Bay
BC, V0N 1A0
250-974-5516 250-974-5466
Gwa'sala'Nakwaxda'xw Band Box 998, Port Hardy
BC V0N 2P0
250-949-8343 250-949-7402
'Namgis First Nation Box 210, Alert Bay
BC, V0N 1A0
250-974-5556 250-974-5900
Whe La La U Area Council Box 150, Alert Bay
BC, V0N 1A0
250-974-5501 250-974-5904
Gwa-Wa-Enuk Tribe Box 344, Port McNeill
BC, V0N 2R0
250-949-8732 250-949-8732
Quatsino Band
Economic Development Corporation
305 Quattishe Road,
Coal Harbour, BC
250-949-6245 250-949-6249
Kwakiutl Band Box 1440, Port Hardy
BC, VoN 2P0
250-949-6012 250-949-6066
Kwicksutaineuk Band Box 10, Alert Bay
BC, V0N 1A0
250-974-3001 250-974-3036
Da'Naxda'xw - Awaetlala First Nation Box 330, Alert Bay
BC, V0N 1A0
250-974-2179 250-974-2109
Tsawataineuk Band General Delivery
Kingcome Inlet, BC
V0N 2B0
250-974-3013 250-974-3005
Mamalilikulla Qwe Qwa Sot Em Band
(member of the Kwakiutl District
1441 A Old Island Highway
Campbell River, BC
V9W 2E4
250-287-2955 250-287-4655
Tlatlasikwala First Nation
(member of the Kwakiutl District Council)
PO Box 578 Port Hardy
BC V0N 2P0
250-949-5751 250-949-57