Hyde Creek - Area C

Hyde Creek Services

Hyde Creek Services

Street Lighting (Nimpkish Heights Only)

Nimpkish Heights Streetlight Overview Location Map      - Installed Port McNeill LED Streetlights Map

- Nimpkish Heights Streetlight Location Map 1               - Nimpkish Heights Streetlight Location Map 2

If a street light is burned out please contact the Regional District Reception at 250-956-3301.  For other information contact the Manager of Operations at 250-956-3301

Fire Protection in Hyde Creek, Nimpkish Heights, Springhill and the Twin Peaks Area

Hyde Creek Volunteer Fire Department

1101 Hyde Creek Road, Port McNeill, BC V0N 2R0

Phone 250-956-4731

For police, ambulance or fire department EMERGENCIES call 911

Emergency Vehicle Awareness click here

Hyde Creek Recreation Association

The Regional District established a Local Service for the purpose of providing funding to operate and repair community recreation buildings, facilities and grounds located in Hyde Creek.

The Hyde Creek Recreation Association looks after the community's ball field and newly renovated community hall, and sponsors a number of community recreation initiatives. For further information on recreation services in Hyde Creek, contact Bill Cessford at 250-956-4994.

*Hyde Creek Park Update:*

There are chains across the entrances to Hyde Creek Park to keep the elk out. The park is open for use.

Please use park at your own risk

Chilton Regional Arena (Port McNeill)

The Hyde Creek area is part Regional Arena Local Service which provides facilities for activities such as public skating and professional skating lessons, a skating carnival every two years and men's and ladies hockey tournaments. For further information on services at the Regional Arena, contact Shana Marshall at 250-956-3522.


Other information

Application to Connect to the Hyde Creek Sanitary Sewer System

Bylaw No. 761 Hyde Creek Sewer Service Boundary Map

Hyde Creek Regional Emergency Plan PDF Format